Our app is plug & play, means no coding needed, it's seamlessly integrated with a click of a button and ready to use in less than one hour!

You installed our app, now what?

  1. A new account is been created for you and your store.
  2. Your store catalog is being synchronised - an automated process where we ask Shopify API for your catalog products.
  3. Our unique AI & computer vision technology classifies your catalog products - assigning each product with related information we understand from its images. 
  4. Our system indexing your catalog  - putting tons of data in the right order, so it'll be fast & secure to get when your customers search for it.
  5. Installation is complete - your catalog products are visually searchable, you'll get notified by email.

How long it takes?

Installation takes 45-60 minutes depends on you store catalog size, you'll get notified by email when it's done.

Having trouble?

What's next?

You can log-in to Visual Search app's dashboard, simply by navigating through your Shopify admin > Apps > Visual Search.

In app's dashboard you'll be able to experience Visual Search before your customers do, then you enable the Visual Search widget on you storefront, so your customers will be able to use it.

What else in app's dashboard? 

In Visual Search dashboard you'll be able to get statistics insight, customize the widget and control its appearance, translate widget storefront text and get support.

We also have a more detailed article about Visual Search app dashboard.