What is Visual Search?

Visual search is a more natural way to discover products on your store. It’s a reverse image search, means your website visitors can upload an image that inspires them and get visually similar items from your catalog of products.

Why I need it?

Your website visitors can’t always find the right words. Navigation, browsing and filtering catalog of products could be frustrating. Imagine that your customers could find what they are looking for / looking at with one camera snap or a screenshot, fast & accurate - no need to imagine, this cutting edge enterprise-grade technology is available for you too now.

How do I get started?

Our app is plug & play, means no coding needed, it's seamlessly integrated with a click of a button and ready to use in less than one hour! Go to our Visual Search app page & click the ‘Add app’ button and see it in action.

How much it cost?

We have a fixed price unlimited searches for just $29 a month.

Can I try it first?

Yes! we offer a trial period of 14 days.

Do you have a demo store?

Shopify demo store is available here

How to get support?

Use our live chat support on app's dashboard / our website or Create a ticket.

What is auto sync?

It means that your store catalog is being automatically synchronised each time you make a catalog change to make sure it'll reflect to Visual Search results.

How long it takes to sync each catalog change?

Updating product attributes or removing product happens instantly and up to 5 minutes depending on server loads.

Adding new product or updating images triggers our unique AI & computer vision technology for classification & indexing which takes up to 30 minutes.